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Lusaka, Zambia

Stephen Chabala, also known as Stevo Rock Photography, is a self-taught photographer propelled into the art by a gift from his uncle – a small camera. For him, photography is an expression of the intricate beauty that surrounds us, capturing details like raindrops, diverse textures, the essence of people, everyday life, animals, events, and larger artistic landscapes. Stephen aspires to share the beauty he captures, showcasing the richness of Zambia and inspiring fellow artists to unleash their work without limitations.

Through the lens of Stevo Rock Photography Stephen seeks to encapsulate the profound beauty of Zambia, inviting others to appreciate the diverse aspects of this captivating land. His mission extends beyond personal appreciation, aiming to inspire a community of artists and creatives to express themselves freely and celebrate the boundless beauty that exists in every corner of Zambia.



Stephen’s Photos