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Lusaka, Zambia

Sebastian Tembo, the founder of Seb Visuals, navigates the world of photography with a grounded and practical approach. As a freelance professional specializing in luxury and commercial photography, Sebastian’s journey began with a solid educational foundation—a Bachelor of Science (NQ) in Computer Science from Copperbelt University Zambia. This unique blend of technical proficiency and creative flair has shaped his career in the photography industry.

With over a demonstrable history of working in diverse photography genres such as photojournalism, fine art photography, graphic design, photo retouching, and video editing, Sebastian brings a versatile skill set to every project. His commitment to authenticity and a genuine passion for his craft set him apart, as he seamlessly combines technical precision with a creative eye. Through Seb Visuals, Sebastian not only captures visually compelling moments but also delivers a personalized touch, reflecting the authentic essence of his subjects in the world of luxury and commercial photography.

Sebastian’s Photos