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Lusaka, Zambia

Hassan Yasini, a native of Lusaka, Zambia, currently resides and works in both Lusaka and Chongwe. Notably, at the World Expo 2020, Hassan was chosen as the Graphics Designer for the Zambian Pavilion in Dubai. Furthering his education, he graduated in Entrepreneurship from DLN Entrepreneurship Institute and completed an apprenticeship with Studio 225. Hassan Yasini has actively participated in diverse Group Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops, and Art Talks.

In his role as a Multidisciplinary artist, Hassan is dedicated to exploring themes of Agriculture, sustainable living, and environmental preservation in urban spaces. Employing various techniques, from Agro-practices to installations, his work delves into an analysis of existence in different spaces and conditions. Notably, he sheds light on contemporary questions surrounding food—its cultivation, and processing methods.



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