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The Legend

William Miko is a renowned Zambian artist celebrated for his unique artistic vision and captivating works. Born and raised in Zambia, Miko’s journey draws inspiration from his cultural heritage and the vibrant landscapes of Zambia, beautifully blending traditional motifs with contemporary techniques. With his art, he invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of the world and sparks conversations about cultural diversity, heritage, and the power of visual storytelling. With a remarkable body of works spanning various mediums, Miko has exhibited nationally and internationally, contributing massively to the Zambian art scene and garnering critical acclaim and features in prominent galleries, museums, and publications. Most important, he is a skilled artist and an advocate for local artists. 

The Community Builder

Ronee is passionate about empowering women and youth through artistic leadership. She closely observes emerging community artists to develop and appreciate their talent, and her initiatives, Recreation Designs and Chaonadi Arts Gallery, promote art, culture, and personal growth. Her success in strategically showing and selling artwork around the world shows Ronee’s commitment to elevating Zambian art internationally, while her involvement with the National and Provincial Visual Arts Councils demonstrates her leadership in Zambia’s art scene. Ronee’s nature-inspired art portfolio brings viewers closer to nature’s beauty and cycles, raising awareness of the art around us. Ronee’s mission is to keep mentoring young artists to help them succeed and contribute to Zambia’s vibrant art scene.

The Marketing Maverick

Eneless Tembo is fueled by her unwavering passion for the dynamic realm of marketing, where she seeks to continuously expand her knowledge and expertise. With a remarkable ability to transform visuals into compelling written content, Eneless endeavors to imbue her environment with value through her creative expressions. Her keen eye for media focus and dedication to exemplary client service not only bring communities together but also draw attention to a myriad of endless possibilities. As a creative marketer, she serves as a guiding light for those seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marketing strategies and trends. A true bundle of positivity, Eneless captivates her audience with her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to spreading optimism.

The Dot-Connector

Mwabi Jere finds immense value in harnessing the power of words to generate impact, foster business growth, and promote sustainability. With over a decade of experience as a communications specialist and digital marketer, Mwabi is the proud founder of Love Local Communications, a consultancy based in Lusaka, Zambia. Believing that exceptional communication can transcend the ordinary and unlock extraordinary possibilities, Mwabi uses her creativity to empower communities to thrive in the ever-expanding digital landscape. A champion of local businesses and changemakers, Mwabi is committed to showcasing their brilliance. She describes herself as “an advocate for the underdogs, a cheerleader for the unsung heroes, and a relentless ambassador of love for all things local.”

The Tech Wizkid

Idah Zimba is a determined and passionate young web developer from Lusaka, Zambia. With no formal background in programming, Idah’s sheer curiosity and tenacity drove her to immerse herself in the world of coding, teaching herself the art of coding and helping to build this very stock photography site from scratch. Through countless hours of self-study and online resources, she’s mastered the intricacies of web development, and how to turn a vision into a reality. Because of her unwavering dedication and love for technology, we have a platform where photographers and enthusiasts can showcase their talent. Her innovative spirit and self-taught skills are a testament to the power of determination, passion, and the endless possibilities that await those who dare to learn and create.

The Eye 

Sana Ginwalla, a Zambia-born artist with origins in India and Myanmar, delves into the politics of identity, home, and belonging through her creative work. In 2017, she founded Everyday Lusaka, to share positive and authentic images of Lusaka, countering stereotypes of African countries, building upon this initiative with Zambia Belonging, a digital counter-archive. Sana’s written and photographic works have consistently aimed to shift perspectives and highlight the often overlooked and relatable moments of everyday life in Zambia, both past and present. By incorporating film, audio, collage, writing, and design publications, she provides new contexts for memories that may not be her own, ultimately seeking to understand her own identity and heritage while facilitating similar journeys for others. 

The Legal Eagle

Ruth Simujayangombe is a highly accomplished lawyer, and an advocate of the High Court of Zambia. Renowned for her expertise in intellectual property and collective management, she currently serves as the CEO of the Zambia Reprographic Rights Society (ZARRSO). Ruth’s skills in negotiation, research, and management, as well as her profound understanding of legal intricacies, have been instrumental in driving the success of various initiatives, including an intellectual property case with Zamstock’s Ian Murphy. Her legal background and exceptional leadership capabilities have positioned her as a strong business development professional. Passionate about promoting and protecting intellectual property rights, Ruth is dedicated to advancing the field of collective management in Zambia.